Cave of the Demoiselles

During your stay at Camping Domaine de Gajanallez visit the Grotte des Demoiselles . Also called the Grotte des Fées, it is located 61 kms from the Flower Camping Domaine de Gajan. In the Occitan legends, the fairies are called Demoiselles; you will be able to discover giant draperies, pillars, stalagmites and imposing stalactites, a large room called “cathedral” with spectacular proportions: 120 m long, 80 m wide and 50 m high. Concerts are organized there because the acoustics are amazing. Outside, panoramic terraces, store and cafeteria. The garden includes 160 species of Mediterranean flora.

From Sainte Bauzille de Putois, you can also go canoeing in the Gorges de l’Hérault and why not visit the historic district of Ganges in the Cevennes at only 8 kms.